A team of surgeons


A masse of the left hemiface

Presented by Dr Louis-Franck Télémaque, MD



A mass of the left hemi face


That woman presents a mass that occupy the left hemi face. She has been presented in the social media as a member of a health institution in charge of a supervision program. She would be victim of the jealousy of her collaborators.


The date of the onset of the disease as well as its evolution and its possible support are unknown.


  1. How to understand that a person working in a health institution agrees to expose such an obvious illness to the staff and patients by evading care, would it only be a reference to a specialized center ?
  2. How to understand such an acceptation of the disease with obvious body and function discredits.
  3. Which paraclinical examinations would make it possible to evaluate tissue and bone destruction?
  4. Exophytic in appearance, are there possibilities for exeresis and reconstruction?


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