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We stand with Italy

   According to the official bulletin from thursday March 19 2020, Italy counts 47,000 cases and 4000 death. The letality rate is at 8.6%. Many autors think that the demagraphic caracteristics of the population that differs fron other countries may be  responsible of tha situation. In 2019, approximately 23% of the Italian population was aged 65 years or older.
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In 2008, the Italian population aged 65 years or over32,6%, and the country was in second place after Japan.
Let's see the situation in Japan !
The words may seem surprising, but they come from one of the Japanese authorities of infectious diseases, the professor Shigeru Omi: “In Japan, 80% of contaminated individuals by the Covid-19, whether they have mild or heavy symptoms, regardless have not contaminated anyone”
According to the last assessment of the ministry, March 24 2020, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 amounted to 1,140 people in Japan. A total of 52 people of have died, including 10 people on board the boat Diamond Princess.
We chose to test people based on symptoms confirmed by a doctor said the government.
Let's see for Germany now !
In Germany, the observation is both alarming, reassuring and intriguing.
With 46 death for 16.662 cases of Coronavirus listed by the Robert-koch institute, Germany was on March 21 2020, the fourth country most affected after China, Italy and Spain.
In France
On March 23, the cumulative balance sheet published by the national agency of public health made state of 19856 cases of which 2,082 serious and 860 death.
China the number of death was 3,176 in mainland china, and more than 80,000 contaminated.
We stand with the Italian population, and all those who are suffin these moments of trial.

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