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Les Correspondants, 2 years

Message of circumstance.


Dear colleagues,

   I consider today, as important as the day of my birth, it is the anniversary of our group, Les Correspondants. This group was born on January 06, 2019. It contains 100 members from 49 different countries , or 1/4 of the countries. 53 of them are on the WhatsApp network. This group has its place in a context where the north no longer recognizes the south, vice versa, and some of which unfortunately are only a shadow of themselves. No member has ended their career with us. But on the contrary, they have helped us to overcome difficult times, to be more successful in our interventions and to look at each new day with more optimism. Several students were able to benefit from the presentations posted on our Lescorrespondants.com site. The 53 members of the WhatsApp network are still there. Take it like this. It's better that way. I salute those who have always had reserves about the WhatsApp group, because they are also important, and a part of us.

   I hope this year will be even brighter because of your blameless behavior.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr Lavaud

Date de dernière mise à jour : 06/01/2021