A team of surgeons



    Endowed with opportunity to meet in order to approach the challenges of humanity, such famine, illiteracy, anarchy, infectious deases, the great world powers have chosen to do the opposite. Efforts by honest citizens to cultivate themselves, build cities and generations have been disapproved taking into account the behavior of certain leader obsessed with power. They never stopped fighting, to make and use different kind of weapon accessible to civilians. Over the past two years, chemical weapons have been widely used, not only in the death penality, but also for political purposes. The laboratories which carry out these poisons as well as clinical trials  are not reported in the literature. From December 2019, we witnessed a massive destruction of the world population having started at Wuhan in china and which would be attributed to a virus. So, do some doctors use the term chore-19. Is it really a waste of time? Are we really dealing with obsessed of power and wealth? My father asked a passer-by for his address and she replied:” I live in the street chore, first dead end, lost time” the analysis of certain facts relating to this melting of the population will allow us better situate ourselves in relation of this term chore-19.


A social degeneration

    Fron december 2019, everyone around the world is looking to a symptomatology which is characterized by headache, cough, fever and difficulty breathing, almost the same symptomatology that have been found in the SRASS and the MERS.

Among Drugs used in his treatment are listed hydroxychlroquine, lopinavir, oxygene,antipyretics.. and among the means of prevention are hand hygiene, social distancing, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.                    

The most severe form is seen in the elderly that often present respiratory and renal insufficiency. The patient is hospitalized and the medical cofidenciality is no longer respected.

The covid19 is incriminated in this pandemia.


That pandemia arrives in a rather tense context, indeed, in the same week, Russia presented his new hypersonic atomic missile, and in the next week the general Quassem Soleimani was assassinated Irak. USA wasted no time in offering on the last Mach 27, $15 million to anyone could help him capture the Venezuelian president Nicolas Maduro, great friend of Russia.


Abandoned by most of his peers, especially China which delivers a real trade war against him, including through the 5 Generation (5G) file, the United States are desesperatly trying to take back control of the world. The various peace treaties have been canceled.


We have explained to them the need to practice good, but they have not heards us, and today look where they took us. I hope we have enough courage to face these very difficult times in our lives.


Date de dernière mise à jour : 20/05/2020