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Les Correspondants

   Les Correspondants is a group of surgeons working all over the world, offering their services to the communities in which they operate. The type of surgeries can vary from the simple resident surgery to robotic tele surgery; it all depends on the level of evolution of the environments in which our members perform and our degree of investment in these regions. Our presence in the various countries ensures the populations of a quality surgical treatment if necessary, and promotes the developpement in general, in particular, the proliferation of general hospital structures of good quality and strong paraclinical institutions.


   Our goal is to give surgery its true face, that of a strong team, able to help patients in real time and treat the complex diseases, wherever the need is felt, by getting help from new technologies. We have to make sure that our knowledge is shared, exchanged, discussed for the benefit of the students. Our gold I olso to enjoy the capacities of collective work and to demonstrate the responsibility inherent to our many years of universitary sturdies, clinical and hospital practices.


   The Les Correspondants group is made up of surgeons, operating in most countries of the world, as we mentioned at the beginning. It is represented by our various members, its official site is: http://www.lescorrespondants.com/ . Our  activities are also available to the general public through our Linkedln company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/les-correspondants/?viewAsMember=trueand our You tube channel: https://youtu.be/kZnWrHQPzKg, where everyone can subscribe for free. The Facbook page is on.

   This is a fairly young group,with only two years old, and whose members do not yet take on a very special role. Your servant, Dr Nicodeme Lavaud has played the role of coordinator, until now, but the support of the various members is invaluable, thanks to their presence in the group to close ranks, ensuring perfect cohesion and their regular publications. It is time for me to congratulate our various members who are still campaigning on WhatsApp by our side, Dr Alaaj, Dr Alhameed, Dr Hanssen, Dr Giuliani, Dr Rojas, Dr Puranik, Dr Hamillour, Dr Giordanelli, Dr Monici, Dr Parikh, Dr Grzona, Dr Tacconi, Dr Nari, Dr Paganelli, Dr Sanguinetti, Dr Cinalien, Dr Awali, Dr Loconte, Dr Poussier, Dr Infante, Dr Ghemissou, Dr Moya, Dr Kumar, Dr Calu, Dr Soni, Dr Seye, Dr Telemaque, Dr Elatiq. Some members are no longer on WhatsApp, but work much harder for the group than the rest of us, we thank them wholeheartedly.


   As a perspective, we are looking for a better configuration among the institutions. We thank Linkedln for allowing us to  build the group. I can't forget facebook which has made a huge improvement in the way it treats its members from which we have benefited. We would like that the large multinationals and other leaders think more about surgery in their decisions. When they make an inventory  of their allies that they remember the group Les Correspondants.

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